American Style Rhythm Bronze Cha Cha Variations - DVD by Dance Vision $49.00

Donald & Kasia will take steps from other Rhythm dances and show you how to add them into your American Style Cha Cha. Before purchasing a variation tape, we strongly suggest that you have a firm understanding of the steps and terminology through that level. Variations are a different way of grouping or mixing steps. These videos contain advanced patterns, enhanced with additional elements, intended to help you take your dancing to a new level, and are excellent for social dancing as well as showcase and competition routines. These variation videos will not review the basic patterns since it is assumed that they are already known.

Approximately 105 minutes

1) Fifth Position Breaks (Rumba)

2) Crossover and Side Rocks (Rumba)

3) Open Rumba Walks (Rumba)

4) Cradle Circle (Rumba)

5) Open Circular Walks (Rumba)

Demonstration - Figures 1-5

6) Spot Turn Combination (Rumba)

7) Check and Circular Walk (Bolero)

8) Crossbody Lead with Inside Turn (Mambo)

9) Back Spot Turn (Mambo)

10) Forward Spot to Surprise (Mambo)

11) Crossover Swivels and Pullback (Mambo)

Demonstration - Figures 6-11

American Style Rhythm Bronze Cha Cha Variations - DVD