Anyone Can Dance Hip Hop Vol II - DVD by Dance Vision $20.00

Ever want to be part of the Hip Hop dance world, but just don’t know where to start? This exciting DVD offers step-by-step instruction of Hip Hop dancing. Learn to master the hottest, most popular dance steps right now with this exciting and informative DVD, and pretty soon all eyes will be on you. Be a player in the club with moves you learned with this DVD.

A high-energy video that breaks down the basics of break dancing and brings together today’s latest Hip Hop and Funk moves. With this program, you are going to sweat and have fun doing it!

Approximately 35 minutes

Beginning Level

1) Side Push

2) Leg Turnouts

3) Push Kick

4) Leg Swing

5) Body Lean

Demonstration – Figures 1-5

Intermediate Level
6) Forward Walks

7) Back Turn

8) Double Cross

Demonstration – Figures 6-8

Anyone Can Dance Hip Hop Vol II - DVD