Anyone Can Dance Nightclub Freestyle - DVD by Dance Vision $25.00

NIGHTCLUB FREESTYLE. This special Nightclub Freestyle DVD is perfect for you. In it you will learn with step-by-step, detailed instruction the basic elements necessary to make social dancing much more comfortable. Moving from one part of the body to the next, this program will help you master the moves so that you can master the nightclub.

National Dance Champion Kasia Kozak teaches you how to move your feet and knees and also tells you when to move your toe and heel. Kasia even shows all the moves front and back and from the left and right sides. Kasia goes at a steady pace too so you do not feel frustrated or lost. This dvd teaches basic contemporary nightclub dancing and not outdated moves.

Approximately 41 minutes

Beginning Level

1) Rhythm in Place-Feet, Knees, Hips, Pelvic

2) Taps

3) Points

4) Different Levels

5) Chassés

Demonstration of Steps 1-5

Intermediate Level

1) Grapevine

2) Turns

3) Hip Rolls

4) Walks

5) Swivels

Demonstration of Steps 1-5

Anyone Can Dance Nightclub Freestyle - DVD