Anyone Can Dance Nightclub Slow Dancing - DVD by Dance Vision $25.00

NIGHTCLUB SLOW DANCING. Enter the world of Slow Dancing--a world of relaxation, emotion, and closeness. With careful and detailed instruction by Dance Vision?s Donald Johnson and Kasia Kozak, you will learn the basics of Slow Dancing step-by-step. By the end of this DVD, you will be able to mix and match different Slow Dancing moves that will surely bring the romance into your life. 
Bring the romance home and turn up the heat with this comprehensive DVD

Approximately 45 minutes

Beginning Level

1) Sway

2) Syncopated Sway

3) Side Touch

4) Side Rocks

5) Opening Out 

Demonstration of Steps 1-5

Intermediate Level

1) Slide Rock

2) Underarm Turn to the Right

3) Underarm Turn to the Left

4) Traveling Step

5) The Dip

Demonstration of Steps 6-10

Anyone Can Dance Nightclub Slow Dancing - DVD