Anyone Can Dance Single Time Swing (Jitterbug) - DVD by Dance Vision $25.00

Discover how easy it is to learn to ballroom dance. This ballroom DVD is just like having a dance lesson at a studio. You've seen ballroom dancing on TV shows like Dancing With The Stars with John O'Hurley & Charlotte Jorgensen, Ballroom Boot Camp, America's Ballroom Challenge, and the Fox reality show, So You Think You Can Dance?. Now you can learn to dance right in your own living room with our National Ballroom Dance Champions - Donald Johnson & Kasia Kozak.

Born in the era of Big Band, this particular type of dance is usually quite difficult to master on account of the sheer speed of the music. But with the step-by-step instruction, you will learn an easier way to dance to faster music. After this DVD, you will have no trouble keeping up to the music as you tuck and spin, lindy rock, and kick step your way across the dance floor. Master the moves of the Big Band Era with this exciting dance instructional!

Become more confident dancing to fast tempos that lend themselves to single-time, often called "Jitterbug."

Approximately 109 minutes

Beginning Level


1) Basic 

2) Throwout 

3) Underarm Turns

4) Alternating Underarm Turns

Demonstration of Steps 1 -4

Intermediate Level

1) Side Pass

2) Cuddle

3) Hand Change 

4) Tuck-In Spin

Demonstration of Steps 1-4

5) Sweetheart with Double Face Loop Ending

6) Lindy Rock

7) Lindy Whip

8) Shoulder Check

Demonstration of Steps 5-8

9) Toe-Heel-Swivels

10) Swivels

11) Kick Steps

12) Side by Side Swivels

Demonstration of Steps 9-12

Anyone Can Dance Single Time Swing (Jitterbug) - DVD